Our Stuff

This section is partially work-in-progress.

We got into programming roughly when we were 12, starting with website development and later Minecraft mods. and We're a big fan of the Rust programming language and use it for many of our projects. Our first serious programming language was Java, but we barely use it nowadays.Generally, we have quite a wide range of interests (partially because we have ADHD), but we generally stick to website development, space, and various science stuff. We're also trying to learn to draw.

We also sometimes do a little computer graphics, usually for games or fun experiments.

We know and primarily use Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust, C++, and also some C and Go. Haskell is fun but not something we regularly use.

We self host a number of services, such as our personal Gitea, a Magnetar Fediverse instance, awawa.gay Misskey instance, as well as a personal Matrix server.

See our Git or our GitHub account for our recent projects.


We have a toy project called Magnetar. It is a work-in-progress implementation of a Fediverse server written in Rust.

We plan to write articles about the architecture and design of it soon!

Other recent mini-projects

  • AMNatty/wleaveA rewrite of wlogout, a Wayland-native logout script written in Gtk3
  • mag-markov Magnetar-compatible Markov chain random sentence generator
  • dfmdA small utility daemon to handle open containing folder activities in various software
  • tsp A visualizer for the Travelling Salesman Problem, with the ability to define a custom algorithm
Email us () or message us on Matrix () (or even DM us on fedi) if you are curious about any of these projects and would like to know more or have some ideas or contributions.
signed by Natty